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Vegas Video Editing (Vegas 4)

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Vegas Video Editing (Vegas 4)

2 Discs  Running Time: 3 Hours


Many hobbyists and professional editors are making the switch to Sony's superb Vegas editing software for the PC or have upgraded from a previous version and are discovering first hand why so many Vegas users are shouting its praises.

Vegas has the unique combination of being both very powerful and also very easy to use, but as with any non-linear editing software, new users need a guide to get through the first turns of the learning curve. In Vegas Video Editing, Gary Kleiner, a videographer for more than 25 years, not only takes viewers through the basic video editing techniques of Vegas, but serves up many tips and shortcuts that even the experienced Vegas editor will consider invaluable. The video is based on Vegas 4.0, but much still applies to earlier versions.

Topics include:
• Learning the Vegas Interface
• Setting preferences
• Manipulating the Timeline
• Getting footage into the computer
• Adding and editing media
• Titling
• Color and contrast correction
• Organizing projects / workflow suggestions
• Editing Multiple-camera projects
• Printing to tape
• Using Excalibur software to speed editing