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The Art of Editing Wedding Videos

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The Art of Editing Wedding Videos

1 DVD   Running Time: 55 Minutes


No matter what equipment you use to edit on, the principals of good editing are always the same.

Gary Kleiner helps you raise your editing skills to the level of a top-paid professional as he takes you through the basics and beyond. This DVD is loaded with before and after examples, and not only details the rules of editing, but fun ways to break those rules

Videomaker Magazine gives The Art of Editing Wedding Videos four out of five stars.

Produced in 1994, some of the material on the technical aspects of video tape are now a look back, but the bulk of the training is just as true today as it always was. Now available in DVD format only.

Topics include:
• Avoiding jump cuts
• Cuts vs. dissolves
• Use of cutaways
• Condensing time
• Real-time edits
• Editing pace
• Cutting on action
• Split editing
• Fun low-tech transitions
• Fixing problems