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Sony Vegas 11 Made Simple

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Sony Vegas 11 Made Simple

Mastering the Essentials of Sony Vegas Pro and Movie Studio

4-DVD set     Running time: 7 hours



This Sony Vegas training DVD set is sure to get you up to speed quickly and boost your skill to the next level. Start with raw footage and end up with a great finished project that you publish on the Web or turn into a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. DVD Architect is covered too!
Whether you are just getting started, have already learned the basics, or just need help deciding which version to get, this training set from Sony Vegas guru Gary Kleiner is a resource that you’ll be glad to have handy.
Why stumble around trying to learn this powerful application by yourself when you can have an expert guide you through all the basics, plus features you didn’t even know about?
You not only get the DVD version of the training, but a high-resolution version that you can play on your computer. Both have extensive chapter stops so you can easily find what you are looking for. You also get the same audio and video files Gary uses so you can follow right along with him through the topics and the included Practice Project
Topics include:
• Comparison of Vegas Pro and Movie Studio
• Importing your Media
• Using Audio and Video Tracks
• Playback Techniques
• Cutting and Trimming
• Ripple
• Sync Links
• Stereoscopic 3D
• Stabilizing Shaky Footage
• Controlling the Volume
• Using the Trimmer
• Fades and Transitions
• Slip and Slide Adjustments
• Slow and Fast Motion
• Applying FX
• Isolating Colors
• Panning and Cropping
• Track Motion
• Animating with Keyframes
• Photo Montages
• Slideshow Creator
• Output File Types
• Uploading to YouTube
• Creating DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs
• DVD Architect Basics