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DVD Authoring with DVD Architect 5 & 6

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DVD Authoring with DVD Architect 5 & 6
4-DVD set     Running time: 6 hours 40 minutes

Learn how to use DVD Architect 5 or 6 to turn your videos into functional and creative DVDs and Blu-Ray discs using the wide range of tools this software has to offer.

Gary Kleiner takes you through everything from the basics through super-creative techniques you’d never see in the manual.  

Topics include:
• Rendering media for DVD and Blu-Ray
• Creating photo and music compilations
• Automatic photo zoom and pan
• Designing Menu Pages
• Creative page buttons
• New scripting functions
• Transformations
• Alternate audio and video tracks
• Subtitles
• Looping playback
• Random playback
• Chapter stops and navigation
• Highlight Masking
• Flying pages and buttons
• Burning DVDs and Blu-Ray discs